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ceaseanddesist ego life mapping Nov 15, 2022

Last week I wrote a cease-and-desist letter. If you don’t know what that it, it is a formal written request to stop a particular action. 


I wrote this formal request to my EGO. For so long I have been controlled by my ego into thinking so many false things about myself and the person I know I have been called to be. For so long I have allowed ego to tell me: “You aren’t pretty enough” and “You are smart but so many other people are smarter” . “Even though you love people, many people don’t love you so it’s not enough”. 


The ego has a way a blocking the receipt of miracles in your life or even making them seem small when any miracle designed for you is HUGE! 


I wanted to give you a portion of the letter I wrote: 


Dear ego, 

For so long you have led me to a place of true unhappiness and self-sabotage. It has deprived me of what I truly want and deserve in my life. You have taken so much from me that I am literally PISSED off. 


Listen sir, as of right now, you will no longer tell me I am not enough. You will no longer say what I cannot have and cannot do. You will no longer dictate the outcome. 

Please be aware that you  have been served and are asked to cease and desist any and all actions that do not lead to the version of myself that I have been called to be. You are not paying for the space and can no longer occupy it. ………


Signed: the person who has allowed you to be a squatter for WAYYYY to long, 


Dr. Kim 


 Within the next 24 hours, I challenge you to write a Cease-and-Desist letter to your ego.


Make sure that it plainly indicates:

  •  All the things you are no longer available for
  •  All the things ego will not affect any longer
  • All the things you are aware it has attempted to steal from you and that you are reclaiming! 


After you have written it, read it aloud to ego every day for the next week and see how you ignite a shift! 


When you are ready to put EGO where it belongs, I’m here to help.

DM me, Let’s chat!


Continuing to hold love and light for you, 

Dr. Kim