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Dr. Kimberly K. Dunlap is a speaker, #1 international best-selling author, leadership development strategist, trainer, consultant, and certified professional life coach.

She has a passion for teaching and leading people. This passion, coupled with years of research and theoretical application ignited a desire to help organizations develop leadership with a focus on employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Dr. Kimberly K. Dunlap is the founder of K. Dunlap Consulting, a Doctor of Education, CPCU designated, and a certified professional life coach living near the Tampa Bay area, specializing in engagement, diversity, and inclusion within organizations, especially the claims and risk arena. She completed her doctorate in Adult Education specializing in Organizational Leadership, holds a master’s degree in Business Administration, and a bachelor’s degree in Business and Professional Management with a minor Psychology. She is a licensed claims adjuster, licensed general lines and life, health and annuity insurance agent, Florida Instructor, and a Florida Adjuster Instructor. 

 Today, she travels the country speaking, training women (and some men), and coaching leaders to become the best version of leadership they could have ever imagined. Showing them how to show up and take charge and GET RESULTS! For their organizations, but most importantly FOR THEMSELVES!


"I start with you as the person behind the leader and determine what is your motivating factor. When we pinpoint that, we work on your Emotional Intelligence and move to defining what a Great Leader looks like for YOU. And from there, WE MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN!

                                                                          - Dr. Kim Dunlap


Why I Do What I Do

As a corporate training and claims manager in my previous employment roles, I now help organizations and their leadership improve employee engagement and job satisfaction thus lowering turnover and improving results.

Additionally, I provide 1-on-1 leadership coaching for individuals just going into a leadership role or those who just want to sharpen their skills for maximum performance. 

My goal is to cultivate the best leaders possible to achieve maximum results.

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