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The Leader Within

Controlling Your Life: Every Day, Minute and Hour

Oct 13, 2022


Fact: You cannot turn back time to recapture any one moment.

The hands on a clock continue moving (unless you need a new battery). Throughout my lifetime, I have been guilty of re-thinking my actions. Each and every action becomes the latest Hot Topic, because I really never thought that I was informed enough or educated enough to make meaningful and lasting decision in my life. People in general, especially women tend to live inside the word REGRET. Personally, you should absolutely have no REGRETS in your life.

NOW WAIT before you stop reading, let me explain! In a perfect world, you should have made every decision and life choice the way you wanted. If you did each and everything like you desired, then you have nothing to regret.

Unfortunately, this has not been my story. Through personal growth and development, I can say I am growing into the woman of few or minimal REGRETS. However, that path has been LONG and HARD!

One of things that has been monumental in my growth has been taking back my CONTROL! I control what I eat, what I wear, where I go, and all decision that impact me! I have learned to embrace my past, engage in my current, and rejoice at my future opportunities!

Fiction: You have tomorrow to start ___________ or I’ll wait until later to ____________.

Truth be told, you don’t have the guarantee of being able to do ANYTHING tomorrow! I remember I had a Neurologist that I was seeing for headache issues. I remember visiting him on a Thursday afternoon at 3:30PM for a regular appointment. During the appointment, he gave me a prescription and told me to follow-up in 3 days to let him know how I was feeling! So as he instructed me, I called back on Tuesday of the following week. On that Tuesday, I received his voicemail at the office and I assumed that the office staff would call me back. On Friday of the same week, I received a call from the office staff. This 38-year-old doctor had left work on Thursday night and died in his sleep of a massive heart attack. His funeral was taking place on the day I called the office. This awakened the notion in me that tomorrow is truly not here yet and definitely not promised to anyone.

I know that story wasn’t happy and joyous, but it is TRUE. It is also proof that every day that you are alive, you should also be PRESENT. Present in your work, present in your marriage, present as a parent, just PRESENT!  

You should be ENGAGED in every aspect of your life! Each day is the opportunity to ENGAGE in your life and to engage in the life you desire. Each day is the opportunity to move 1-step closer to your dreams, one step closer to your IDEAL life.

Regardless of whether you are 15 years-old or 85 years-old, you have a responsibility to yourself to CONTROL your LIFE! You have a responsibility to take back your POWER!  You have a responsibility to take advantage of each DAY. A responsibility to take advantage of each MINUTE. And you have a responsibility to capture each MINUTE. No minute should be taking for granted.

Are you taking advantage of every moment? Think about all of your life’s regrets. How have these regrets dictated your current life?

So I employ you…… Make every day count.  Make decisions based on what will make you happy. Forgive, laugh, love, and take back your POWER.

My greatest wish for you is that you have NO REGRETS. And bigger than that, I want you to LIVE, THRIVE, and ENGAGE!


Dr. Kimberly Dunlap

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